Leonhardt Rattunde

Comment: This firm respected for insolvency administration is in good shape, going by the statistics for proceedings. Even more important is the fact that two of the year’s biggest cases, Euromar Commodities (€980m turnover) and KTG Energie (trusteeship) landed on LR’s desk. LR is still active in west Germany even after the 2016 Düsseldorf spinoff, with close ties to advisors. The headcount is virtually unchanged as LR ramped up its associate base. Advisory work in insolvency aspects (legal challenges and credit restructuring) is growing steadily.
Recommended: Prof. Rolf Rattunde, Prof. Dr. Torsten Martini.
Practice: Insolvency proceedings mainly in Berlin and Brandenburg, as well as Nordrhein-Westfalen and across Germany. Much experience with complex insolvency plans. Advice to companies in crisis and on M&A transactions. Specialized litigation practice; notary office. (6 equity partners, 20 associates)
Clients: ?? Film production company on loan structure; lessor on preventing grounds for insolvency. Insolvency administration: Euromar Commodities; Jopp/Hard Candy. Trustee: KTG Energie (Neuruppin).
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