Comment: This firm recommended for insolvency administration used the momentum of recent years from major administration work to develop a presence beyond northern Germany. Reimer launched in Frankfurt with Kübler administrator Thomas Rittmeister. This is set to provide the initial spark for a well-structured approach to advisory work, which before now was more of a side product than a dedicated field. But the best opportunities for advice are most likely offered by the Hamburg firm’s home market.
Recommended: Dr. Tjark Thies, Reinhold Schmid-Sperber, Peter-Alexander Borchardt.
Practice: Insolvency administration and trusteeships in north Germany, occasionally insolvency-related advice regarding self-administration, duties to file, liability and litigation aspects as well as insolvency plans. (4 equity partners, 4 salary partners, 10 associates)
Insolvency administration: ?? Stoltzenberg Nuss; Lasch Company; Proscott Golftour (Hamburg); various one-ship companies of shipping company Oskar Wehr (Niebüll).
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