SGP Schneider Geiwitz & Partner

Comment: This firm highly recommended for insolvency administration is maintaining its broad approach. With the SGP antitrust lawyers, who bolstered the insolvency administration branch years ago, Schlecker administrator Geiwitz caused a stir: they initiated further suits against possible cartel members. But SGP faces an important development task, namely raising its visibility, with Geiwitz having been the only figurehead for years, and even personally requested by Lufthansa in the Air Berlin case. The appointment for the numerous Leiser-Schuhhandelsgruppe companies (insolvency protection) showed how the insolvency court certainly accepts the sharing of proceedings among several SGP administrators. Mid-ranking administrators are thus building their experience too.
Recommended: Arndt Geiwitz.
Practice: Insolvency administration mainly in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Trusteeships nationwide. MDP approach with strong accounting/tax advisory practice, also not related to insolvency. ?Antitrust, employment and corporate; frequent corporate rescue advice via affiliated firm; trusteeships. (3 equity partners, 4 salary partners, 20 associates in the core field of administration)
Insolvency administration: ?? Augusta Gebäudereinigung (Augsburg); MWS-Gießereigruppe (Ravensburg). Trustee: Leiser-Schuhhandelsgruppe (Augsburg); Strube Saatgut (Wolfsburg). Clients: Lufthansa regarding Air Berlin insolvency.
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