Comment: This practice respected in the energy sector is progressing from the all-round regulatory expertise of Hampel, who also advises on contracts and matters related to renewable energies, power plants and gas stores. Like other accounting firms, EY benefits from its MDP setup, which heavily factors in regulatory advice to the energy sector and comes into play in matters involving self-supply and other alternative supply models, and on the interface with energy/electricity tax. In advice on transactions, restructuring and the awarding of franchises, EY’s interdisciplinary approach is an asset. Unlike PwC, the firm is not as tightly bound to the public sector by tradition.
Strengths: MDP advice to the energy sector.
Recommended: Dr. Christian Hampel.
Practice: Combined regulatory expertise with an MDP setup; advice on the reallocation charge under the Renewable Energies Act, e.g. in relation to transactions, also franchising, combined heat and power plant compensation, direct marketing and system stability; increasingly M&A; litigation. (2 equity partners, 1 salary partner, 5 associates)
Clients: ?? Grundgrün on winding up direct marketing contracts after company liquidation; N-Ergie regarding system stability; 50Hertz concerning reallocation charge under the Renewable Energies Act; e*Message Wireless Information Services on Metering Point Operating Act; EnBW on gas network regulation and biomethane generation/feed.
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