AC Tischendorf

Comment: This firm has primarily its partner Dr. Christian Rosinus to thank for the fact that it is now a player to be taken seriously in compliance advice to the Mittelstand. This criminal lawyer has positioned himself so well in the business that market participants associate him almost exclusively with compliance – despite the high-profile defense of individuals and companies. The team collaborates closely with the ?employment and ?corporate lawyers, such that instructions also come from core clients and often become long-term advice. In addition, there are good international contacts to other firms that could be intensified now that it has established an exclusive law firm network. (Core team: 2 partners, 3 associates)
Clients: ?? Greiner in a team of international firms; Battenfeld-Cincinnati on establishing compliance system; Keymile, incl. on employment compliance; Braskem Europe on establishing compliance system; Tresono.
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