Redeker Sellner Dahs

Comment: Based on its competence in ?criminal and administrative law (partners from both practices lead the team), this firm is winning more and more compliance instructions, both preventive as well as repressive measures. The large team is building upon the prominent compliance instruction from Debeka the previous year and systematically honing its position with non-legal competences and IT services. This also shows that the cooperation across disciplines and locations, incl. with ?antitrust and IT lawyers, is increasingly smooth. There is still room for expansion in the international network, however, which until now has concentrated on only a few European states. (Core team: 2 equity partners, 5 salary partners, 1 associate)
Clients: ?? Ongoing advice to Hydro Aluminium; various pharma companies on new corruption regulations; various major companies in connection with accidents; companies in the public sector on business associate compliance.
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