It is the role model for countless German arbitration boutiques, but so far the original is unrivaled, since Hanefeld has succeeded where many successful boutiques often fail: training young lawyers from the firm’s own ranks so well that they grow into renowned partners. This was the case with Dr. Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts. The most recent example is Dr. Friedrich Rosenfeld, who competitors unanimously praised even before his appointment. But all the other partners also enjoy excellent reputations as litigators and arbitrators, especially name partner Dr. Inka Hanefeld herself. “We consider three times whether proceedings are important enough to appoint her as arbitrator,” said the head of one top-flight practice. But when companies or firms have really important cases, they come to her. In just half a decade, the firm has thus become the benchmark for which international and complex cases can be handled by small, independent outfits. The fact that Hanefeld also scored points in antitrust damages claims, a key issue for the future, shows that the huge success in the core area of arbitration has by no means left the firm sated and sluggish.
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