Flöther & Wissing

If more proof was needed after insolvencies like Unister, Mifa and Basler Fashion, this is it: the trusteeship in the Air Berlin insolvency shows how firmly anchored Prof. Dr. Lucas Flöther is in the market as the man for major cases. With this instruction, the firm closed a circle: when the renowned administrators in the Gravenbrucher Kreis association elected him to succeed Frank Kebekus as their spokesman in 2015, many members were surprised. With Air Berlin, both are now working on the same case.
The firm is known for a certain degree of traditionalism. It focuses entirely on insolvency administration and trusteeships. By foregoing advisory work, Flöther is far away from what the market now appears to be demanding as standard practice, specifically that a firm must be capable of flexibly slipping into all possible roles in a crisis context. But it was precisely its restraint and distance that brought the firm into play in the surprising insolvency of web portal provider Unister in summer 2016, as there was hardly any time for a well-ordered insolvency where the allocation of roles is discussed beforehand. At Flöther, traditionalism does not mean stubbornness and tunnel vision. Name partner Flöther is seen as a strong communicator, open and pragmatic, and thus represents the new generation in the German administrator market.
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