The strategic concept of this firm around Dr. Mark Wilhelm of deploying its insurance know-how for industrial companies is more in keeping with the market climate than ever before. The increasing discussions concerning compliance and liability have led many companies to take the matter of risk more seriously, often resulting in disputes. Here, the firm has found it niche. It is thus no coincidence that one of the most talked about issues in the field of D&O can be traced back to a precedent ruling on the assignment of claims that the firm won last year before the Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof).
Founded more than ten years ago, the team today advises a long list of DAX and other renowned companies on the drafting of policies and damages claims. Examples include advice to energy companies in the complex litigation concerning delayed power plant construction (for which Lars Winkler comes recommended), advice to a concern on an international product liability case with a US aspect and advice on coverage questions arising from an international reinsurance contract. With keen farsightedness, Wilhelm has also developed adjacent fields. Competitors have praised collaborations with Bernd Guntermann, who covers the interface with criminal law. He is currently advising a company on compliance in connection with financial losses due to business interruption.
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