Comment: A firm recommended for banking and bank regulatory law with varying specialties at its offices. Düsseldorf focuses on ongoing advice, e.g. the lawyers were in the limelight in the Börse Düsseldorf sale. The firm now covers the interfaces with funds and capital markets since Dr. Thorsten Voß joined from WTS. The Munich office is known for its litigation and dispute resolution experience, which stretches far beyond the financial sector. The EC fee cartel turned out to be a fruitful case after the extensive work for Heta came to an end. Class actions have shifted into the background. The firm is often in action in D&O liability matters for banks and their (former) managers.
Strengths: Complex litigation and excellent industry contacts.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Frank Schäfer, Dr. Manfred Wolf, Dr. Helge Großerichter, Dr. Thomas Eckhold, Dr. Ferdinand Kruis.
Practice: Focus on banking litigation and expert opinion work, increasing regulatory advice to financial services providers and industrial corporates. Strong elements of ?corporate litigation. (Banking in total: 9 equity partners, 1 salary partner, 1 associate)
Clients: ?? Börse Düsseldorf on spinoff and sale to BÖAG; ongoing work for UniCredit Bank in suits concerning closed-end funds and kickbacks; ongoing work for HRE in Capital Markets Test Case Act proceedings; credit institute regarding damages claims from EC fee cartel; Irish financial services provider against Federal Financial Supervisory Authority concerning allegation of unauthorized activity in Germany.
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