Comment: A firm highly recommended for energy law boasting in-depth regulatory know-how in the electricity, gas and district heating market. BBH scores points for its blend of energy law, economics expertise and litigation experience. Clients praise its “indispensable expert knowledge”. Besides advice on specialist regulatory aspects, e.g. the Renewable Energies Act, BBH is increasingly landing major conceptual work, incl. internationally: for the Federal Ministry of Transport it developed regulatory guidelines for the turnaround in energy policy in the transport sector, with partners from research and industry. The Swiss and Albanian Ministries of Economics hired BBH to help establish a gas market and for gas pipeline projects. Besides such political work, standardized advice to municipalities and public utilities is still the “excellently connected” (client) firm’s bread and butter. Some competitors describe BBH as “an extension of public utilities’ legal departments”, with a strong position in remunicipalization. BBH is holding its market position with advisory products, e.g. its own real estate company.
Strengths: Very well connected with public utilities, high profile.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Christian Theobald, Dr. Ines Zenke, Dr. Olaf Däuper (“in-depth gas industry and nuclear energy law expertise”, competitor), Dr. Miriam Vollmer, Axel Kafka.
Practice: Energy regulatory, contracts and energy antitrust, arbitration between public utilities and regional suppliers, advice on emissions trading and energy trading (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority proceedings), power plant projects, renewable energy projects, gas storage. Corporate advice and energy tax law. Frequent activity as an outsourced legal department for public utilities.
MDP approach for public utilities, banks, stock exchanges, foreign energy companies and investors. (17 equity partners, 10 salary partners, 39 counsel, 81 associates, 2 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Swiss and Albanian Ministries of Economics regarding gas pipeline and establishing gas market; Federal Ministry of Transport regarding Energy System 2050 study, regulatory advice on integrated energy; HafenCity Hamburg on tendering mobility concept; Rheinland-Pfalz, Bremen, NRW on constitutional complaint against 13th Nuclear Energy Act amendment; GEODE on calculating equity interest rates under Gas/Electricity Network Fee Ordinance.
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