Comment: Highly recommended practice which stands out in the energy sector for its full-service approach with activity on virtually all fronts, incl. transactions and capital markets advice (incl. ?antitrust) and regulatory work deeply rooted in public law. The latter, coupled with European law (esp. ?state aid law) expertise, makes GL a successful and frequently hired litigator. In the gas sector, GL often works for Gazprom and litigates in cases of political relevance involving grid expansion and damages claims. The firm landed promising advisory work in other areas of the sector, e.g. the dismantling of nuclear power plants, as well as energy (tax) advice on the Renewable Energies Act related to self-supply in industrial companies.
Strengths: Strong public law (esp. public procurement and state aid law) and ?M&A practice.
Development potential: A generation change is approaching for the public lawyers. Competitors criticize the fact that the younger lawyers are too much in the shadows of the retirees. A new, more interdisciplinary approach would be a great opportunity for the public lawyers.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Christoph Moench, Dr. Andreas Neun, Dr. Martin Raible, Dr. Tim Weber.
Practice: ?Antitrust advice to energy clients, M&A esp. related to renewable energies, also corporate and tax law. Advice also on energy trading and public law, incl. nuclear energy law, ?public procurement, state aid law incl. tax law, much litigation activity. Broad client base incl. large energy utilities, international corporates and strategic investors. (17 equity partners, 3 salary partners, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Amprion in 2 suits against planning approval for extra-high-voltage line (Federal Administrative Court (Bundesverwaltungsgericht)); Gazprom in appeal proceedings against Federal Network Agency concerning horizontal cost allocation mechanism and in proceedings regarding regulation exemption for Opal pipeline (Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht)); GE on acquisition of Adwen Offshore; energy law advice to AlzChem regarding IPO; WindMW on delayed grid connection.
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