Comment: Recommended corporate practice which closely interweaves its advice with the insolvency and restructuring practice, mainly at the Cologne office. The Mittelstand remains the core client base, which Görg mainly advises on crises. Ongoing corporate advice consists largely of disputes, often liability issues related to insolvency, e.g. Deikon and Solarworld. Since the practice was bolstered in late 2016 with first-class laterals from Freshfields and Morgan Lewis, Görg’s goal has been to become less dependent on corporate rescue work. So far this has been most evident in ?M&A and ?private equity: von Rosenberg handled the first major deals for mid-cap clients. In Munich and Hamburg, work mainly consists of ongoing corporate advice (incl. AGMs).
Strengths: Close integration with the ?insolvency and restructuring practice.
Development potential: The pull of new lateral von Rosenberg is already becoming clear: in transactions, he succeeded in establishing well-integrated interdisciplinary and interoffice cooperation and increasing independence from insolvency work. Görg now needs to expand this cooperation in the wider partnership with the involvement of the corporate lawyers.
Recommended: Dr. Roland Hoffmann-Theinert, Dr. Oliver von Rosenberg, Dr. Martin Stockhausen (“high level of quality”, competitor), Dr. Mark Kersting, Dr. Oliver Wilken, Dr. Michael Dolfen, Dr. Bernt Paudtke (“pragmatic and goal-oriented”, competitor).
Practice: Ongoing advice to numerous Mittelstand companies on restructuring, succession and litigation ( ?commercial litigation and liability). Advice on startups, preparation for AGMs and corporate actions for industry, trade and investors. Respected notary office in Berlin. (20 equity partners, 6 salary partners, 3 counsel, 15 associates)
Clients: ?? Insolvency administrator of Deikon on damages claims against former executive; Solarworld on defense of lawsuits; Rhön Energie on JV; ongoing advice to Alexanderwerk, X-Wert Bank (incl. AGM advice).
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