Comment: The recommended corporate practice of this traditional ?Stuttgart firm is predominantly retained by companies and owner families from the high-end Mittelstand. Von der Recke and Alte have become key partners in ongoing corporate advice. The firm’s litigation experience is as evident in corporate as it is in other practice areas, e.g. head of the corporate practice Kauffeld regularly litigates for (sometimes former) D&Os in disputes. The sister practice ( ?M&A) is stable, but the interface with the capital markets practice needs to be redefined following the loss of Dr. Friedrich Bozenhardt to BRP.
Strengths: Extensive reorganizations, international work and experienced litigation practice.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Peter Mailänder (“pragmatic and very agreeable”, competitor), Dr. Klaus Gerstenmaier (“excellent commercial understanding”, competitor), Dr. Gert Brandner (“ideal for arbitration with corporate issues”, competitor), Dr. Hans-Georg Kauffeld, Kai Graf von der Recke, Dr. Timo Alte.
Practice: Advice to family and investment companies on restructuring, incl. ongoing advice on corporate governance. Increasing advice to D&Os in proceedings. Long-standing work for US clients. (5 equity partners, 2 salary partners, 2 associates)
Clients: ?? Ongoing advice to Alfred, Ferdinand and Julia Oetker as shareholders of Oetker Group (incl. litigation in arbitration); Piëch Group on project work; ongoing corporate advice to VfB Stuttgart, Dinkelacker Schwaben Bräu, Brooks Automation.
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