Comment: Recommended corporate practice from Essen. The now seven-strong team conducts notary work for many major clients, incl. DAX corporations. However, the younger partners are increasingly reeling in new corporate instructions. A happy development is that not only local companies but nationally active clients are coming to the firm, as shown by a litigation instruction for Deutsche Lufthansa (public knowledge). The appointment of four partners indicates the firm is expanding in corporate, though a partner specializing in insolvency moved to a smaller firm.
Strengths: Close long-standing relations to a number of top-level clients, incl. in the ?Ruhr Valley region. Well-regarded corporate practice and notary.
Recommended: Michael Schacke, Dr. Ulrich Irriger, Dr. Joachim Gores.
Practice: Broad palette in corporate; decades of advice to several Ruhr corporates (energy supply, mining, steel, oil, mechanical engineering), incl. AGM protocols. Also advice to German and international banks, cell phone companies, publishers and companies in the beverage industry. (Corporate in total: 16 partners, 10 associates)
Clients: ?? Notary work for RWE and Innogy on restructuring; Deutsche Lufthansa in proceedings; DAX corporate on payment damages suit; municipal residential construction company on corporate; real estate company on project JV.
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