Comment: This recommended corporate practice has a loyal client base for which it continues to act on restructuring and conversions, esp. in conjunction with the strong ?tax practice. Von Sydow is becoming an ever more prominent advisor to family companies in south Germany. The notable focus on particular sectors (pharmaceuticals and healthcare, retail, ?real estate) has allowed MWE to bring forth real experts. The increasing internationalization of the work has led to an upturn in joint venture work (e.g. Intersnack). The ?restructuring team is also well established, and the Frankfurt office has a respected capital markets team. The latter has, however, not yet enabled the firm to move into public takeovers.
Strengths: International ?insolvency and restructuring; consistent focus on ?real estate, healthcare and ?media.
Recommended: Dr. Norbert Schulte, Christian von Sydow (“significant figure for advising family companies in south Germany”, competitor), Dr. Uwe Goetker, Dr. Stephan Rau, Dr. Sebastian von Lossow, Dr. Matthias Kampshoff (esp. restructuring), Philipp von Ilberg (“very reliable and competent contact partner, executive board’s confidant”, client; esp. capital markets).
Practice: Ongoing advice to US companies in Germany as well as its own clients, mainly Mittelstand companies, occasionally corporates. Corporate on the interfaces with ?insolvency and restructuring (Düsseldorf). Capital markets in Frankfurt. Sectors: healthcare, food law, real estate, media/telecoms and retail. Also ?M&A. (24 partners, 3 counsel, 17 associates)
Clients: ?? Fiducia & Gad IT on spinoff of a business division to Ratiodata; CompuGroup Medical on SE conversion; Intersnack on JV in Germany and western Europe.
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