Comment: This recommended corporate practice always manages to get a foot in the door of major projects, e.g. the planned German-Chinese high-tech park in Heidelberg. This shows the role played by the broad-based China desk, which provides long-term corporate and strategic advice to Chinese clients. The dynamic group of younger partners, incl. stock corporation lawyer Eschenfelder, is remarkable. The latter advises on challenges and squeeze-outs as well as complex financing rounds in biotech and biopharma.
Recommended: Rainer Dietmann, Prof. Dr. Christof Hettich, Christina Eschenfelder.
Practice: Advice to high-end Mittelstand companies from various sectors. Extensive advice on ?company succession. Renowned mediation team. Good ties to an accounting and tax advisory firm. China desk (Mannheim) and Italy desk (Munich). (Corporate in total: 12 partners, 7 associates)
Clients: ?? CureVac on financing rounds (€24.5m and €26.5m); Sino German Asset Management (EnergyBayGroup) on planned high-tech park in Heidelberg; Zhongding Group on restructuring of European business; SRH Holding on extensive restructuring and acquisition of EBS University.
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