Comment: This recommended corporate practice is building on its strength in the ?energy sector and is reaping the benefits of its renowned Chinese practice, which regularly generates corporate work from M&A work, e.g. for AE Industry. A corporate lawyer appointed to partner last year has successfully increased relationships to clients in the aviation sector and established this as a further specialty. The expansion of the financing practice in Frankfurt enables the firm to advise its traditionally strong client base consisting of investors and asset managers on stock corporation law. The arrival of Robert Heym from Olswang in Munich brings S&S IP expertise, which fits in well with that office’s corporate specialty in the telecom sector.
Strengths: Combination of compliance, white collar crime and corporate.
Recommended: Dr. Michael Bormann, Dr. Stephan Ulrich, Dr. Dr. Boris Schilmar.
Practice: Mixture of ongoing advice to German Mittelstand companies and corporates (esp. in the energy sector, increasingly the technology and aviation sectors); clients in the Far East (Japan, China, India). (Corporate: 6 equity partners, 4 salary partners, 3 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Propex Fabrics on European restructuring; ongoing advice to Ferrostaal, Allianz Global Investors, Avanade Deutschland, GP Asset Management.
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