Comment: This recommended firm in real estate made inroads thanks to its focus on high-end work and improved interoffice cooperation. TW was involved in high-profile transactions like the acquisition of Highlight Towers for Commerz Real and the takeover of Kaiser’s Tengelmann branches for Rewe Group. New clients and litigation for Hilton International in rent law disputes demonstrate the growing visibility in the hotel sector. TW also built on established client connections, e.g. Growth Industrial, which it advised on a cross-border transaction and its financing. Synergies were evident in work for TLG Immobilien, which TW advised on acquiring office properties on an interoffice basis. The positive development was underlined by two salary partner appointments.
Strengths: All-round real estate advice.
Recommended: Dr. Patrick Brock (“good negotiator”, “professional”, competitors), Dr. Adrian Birnbach (“very competent and pragmatic”, “solution-oriented”, competitors).
Practice: Focus on ?M&A (transactions), commercial rent law, management of credit and real estate portfolios. Also active in closed-end funds, project development and plant construction, asset management and traditional construction advice. Notary work. (9 equity partners, 9 salary partners, 7 associates, 1 of counsel)
Clients: ?? Commerz Real on acquisition of HighLight Towers; litigation for Hilton International concerning rent law; Rewe Group on takeover of Kaiser’s Tengelmann branches; HSH Nordbank on financing Christie project; Growth Industrial Asset Net-Income Trust on acquisition of 34 logistics and industrial properties.
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