Comment: Once again this firm recommended in construction has expanded its client relationships: for the city of Cologne, CBH is advising on the Neue Mitte project – the architectural linking of three city museums. But the activity of this Cologne-based firm extends beyond its home city. For an insurance company, it advised on the new construction of its corporate headquarters and a Swiss architectural syndicate. However, expansion of the client portfolio is proceeding slowly. Inroads into the health sector have been sluggish as well.
Strengths: Infrastructure projects, specialist real estate (e.g. clinics).
Development potential: The expansion of the firm as a whole and the expansion into four new locations (Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin) also has potential for the construction practice. If CBH succeeds in establishing construction competence at some locations, it will be easier to get a foothold in other new local markets.
Recommended: Markus Vogelheim (“very experienced, esp. in large projects”, competitor), Dr. Joachim Strieder, Manfred Haesemann (public law), Arnd Holzapfel, Prof. Dr. Stefan Hertwig (also public procurement).
Practice: Integrated advice on public and private construction with a focus on (specialist) civil engineering, clinics and plants. Advice on development of residential and urban properties. Extensive experience with litigation and PPP. Also asset management/facility management and arbitration. Traditional public bodies and church-owned hospitals. (10 partners, 8 associates, incl. public law and public procurement)
Clients: ?? City of Cologne on Neue Mitte project; Beos on construction of new parking garage; Generali on damages case; LVR on concepts for new construction of headquarters and ongoing litigation; Absolut ongoing on project development.
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