Comment: A leading firm in construction law. Once again Redeker proved that clients rely on its expertise in complex large-scale projects. Senior partner Messerschmidt, who is known for his competence in power plant projects, is currently advising on the construction of a high-tech research plant with a very high investment volume. Redeker regularly attracts enviable projects, most recently for long-term client Züblin regarding construction of a university clinic. Here the equally highly regarded Thierau took the lead. Although the practice’s reputation still rests on the two senior partners, the younger partner level is also increasing its market presence, in part through specialization (e.g. insolvency law for construction cases).
Strengths: Power plant projects; comprehensive experience with arbitration.
Recommended: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Messerschmidt, Prof. Thomas Thierau, Philipp Hummel (“highly competent”, “pleasant personality”, competitor about all three), Dr. Thomas Stickler, Ulrich Birnkraut.
Practice: Focus: plant construction, project development esp. for the public authorities, incl. federal authorities, interface with real estate. ?Public procurement. Experience with hotel construction, airport projects abroad, and major sports centers. Project financing. (9 equity partners, 3 salary partners, 3 associates, plus public law and public procurement)
Clients: ?? Züblin on construction of Jena University Clinic; Degeson on a pilot road-building project; RWE in litigation over power plant construction in Neurath; Aurelis on repurposing of Hanover main freight depot.
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