Comment: Firm recommended in construction, which regularly succeeds in new market segments. Traditionally more active for contractors, the firm has gained more principals as clients over the past few years. Now increasing numbers of clients from outside the construction sector (e.g. car suppliers) are making use of Breyer’s expertise, esp. for projects abroad. Special knowledge, e.g. in connection with alternative methods of implementation (partnering models), has brought in new clients but also consolidated existing client relationships.
Name partner Breyer is playing a role in ensuring such models gain acceptance in the market: he won a tender by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment concerning a research project into alternative contract models for awarding construction services. Breyer’s dynamic development means it cannot rely on internal growth alone; this is why the firm took on a team around former Leinemann partner Sebastian Thomas, who now heads the young Frankfurt office. Furthermore, former Kapellmann partner Dr. Steffen Hettler now leads the Munich outpost.
Development potential: Market perception has so far concentrated on the Stuttgart team around name partner Breyer. The arrivals from Leinemann and Kapellmann offer a chance to raise national visibility substantially.
Recommended: Dr. Wolfgang Breyer (“very good construction lawyer”, “confident in negotiations”, competitors), Dr. Michael Burdinski (“very good specialist”, competitor).
Practice: All-round construction advice and litigation. Architects’ law. Project guidance, incl. for principals, and large-scale projects. International clients are increasing. Occasionally commercial rent law, real estate and public procurement. (6 equity partners, 2 salary partners, 1 counsel, 14 associates, plus offices in Vienna and Bucharest)
Clients: ?? German Federal Ministry of the Environment on research project into alternative contract models; Fraport on low-cost terminal at the new Terminal 3 at Frankfurt airport (public knowledge); advice to Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim (student residence) on new construction; Federal Republic of Germany on bridge restoration (incl. litigation); automobile supplier on contracts for various projects abroad.
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